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Let's be honest, you probably haven't thought about your BMW battery in a while. After all, once you start the engine it really doesn't have much to do. However, your car battery can be affected by the heat and humidity of the Birmingham area, and ensuring that it is up to the task of starting your BMW is critical to keeping your life on track.

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Battery Services Offered at BMW of Birmingham

When you bring your BMW to our dealership for a battery service, we'll always start by testing it for proper voltage both while the engine is off and while it is running. This will let us know if your battery is the issue or your alternator may be the culprit so that you don't have to make a second visit to us if something else were to be the issue.

From there, we'll replace your worn car battery with a new, BMW-approved battery, all while cleaning the terminals of any corrosion and ensuring a solid seat and tight contacts to avoid shorting or disconnection.

Once that is installed, we'll reset your vehicle clock and calendar and you'll be on your way!

How Often Should My Battery Be Serviced?

We recommend having your battery tested at least once per year, or whenever you notice dim headlights or have trouble starting the engine at first. In addition, your battery rating should appear on the top of the battery, and if you are beyond the duration specified it is definitely time to have us take a look.

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