Compare New BMW Models to Mercedes-Benz Rivals in Birmingham

When it comes to the world of capable, versatile, and durable luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are two constant top competitors--and particularly strong rivals in Birmingham, Irondale, Pelham, Hoover, and Center Point. The attention is well-deserved; both brands produce high-quality, fun-to-drive, and well-equipped premium SUVs and sedans.

If you're in the midst of choosing your next luxury SUV in Alabama, and you're having trouble deciding between Mercedes-Benz and BMW SUVs, consider this:

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Mercedes-Benz GLA vs BMW X1: Subcompact Luxury SUV

  • The BMW X1 offers more standard horsepower than the Mercedes-Benz GLA
  • Like cargo space? The BMW X1 dominates with up to 58.7 cubic feet of storage area--more than 10 cu. ft. more than Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW offers available xDrive all-wheel drive on this model, which is commonly ranked above Mercedes-Benz's 4MATIC system

Mercedes-Benz GLC vs BMW X3: Compact Luxury SUV

  • A clever design gives the BMW X3 almost 8 cubic feet more of cargo area than the Mercedes-Benz GLA
  • Price for the two models is nearly identical, but BMW frequently offers more standard features
  • Though the X3's fuel economy ratings are very similar to the GLC, the X3 is a lot more fun to drive

Mercedes-Benz GLE vs BMW X5: Midsize Luxury SUV

  • The BMW X5 boasts better fuel economy in city and highway than the Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • Horsepower is neck-and-neck, but the BMW X5 performs at lower RPMs for more precise acceleration
  • The BMW X5's eight-speed automatic transmission offers smoother shifting capabilities than the Mercedes-Benz

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