The creators of the BMW 6 Series of luxury sports sedans dedicate themselves to creating vehicles that pack power and provide high levels of safety. To this end, members of the 6 Series family include the innovative Active Cruise Control system.

The BMW Active Cruise Control system acts as a backup safety source for drivers operating under various traffic conditions. The Active Cruise Control system can easily handle highway conditions that require little attention. That said, this system can take some of the workloads off of drivers in dense stop and go city traffic. This system includes the ability to automatically stop the car when appropriate, and then restart vehicle motion after 3-second pauses.

In addition to backup services like the active cruise control system, 6 Series sedans include many other performance-enhancing features. Here at our location at BMW of Birmingham, we offer a number of our 6 Series stock models for customer inspection and enjoyment. To claim your own no-obligation BMW 6 Series test drive, come by our showroom today.



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