Irrespective of the amount of care and maintenance that is done on a car, automobile headlights have problems once in a while. However, they are somewhat easy to fix at home or with the assistance of a seasoned professional. If you want to ensure your headlights are repaired, cleaned or replaced in the correct manner without causing damage to your vehicle, we invite you to visit BMW of Birmingham and have our service team check and replace your bulbs on your behalf.

You can check out the following trouble-free ways to troubleshoot frequent headlight complications. For headlights that contain a fuse that keeps blowing out, try unplugging the light and pulling the switch to see if the fuse will blow. If it does not, then the problem is not in the lamp wiring. Also, make sure to buy the correct bulb wattage. Regarding lights that keep burning out, the issue could be the installation procedure. Visit our BMW service department in Irondale, AL for the correct installation procedure or check out online videos on how to install.

Also, check for corrosion in the bulb sockets. Some headlights keep flickering on and off, and the primary cause of such a problem a poor connection. Start by checking the battery camp connections and try a stronger connection. Let us know if you require auto service assistance!

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