Your windshield wipers are an important component on your vehicle during the winter and they work best according to the type of fluid you choose to use with the system. The fluid in your windshield wiper reservoir keeps your lines clear and should never be filled with water. Unfortunately, if you choose to fill your reservoir with plain water, you may discover that it freezes over. Windshield washer fluid is meant to maintain a certain temperature during the arctic chill.

Windshield washer fluid rids your car of debris, bugs, and dirt particles. Your windshield should be cleaned to protect your vision against the glare of oncoming traffic in the winter. You're invited to visit BMW of Birmingham the next time you’re traveling through Irondale, AL and ask about your specific washer fluid. Windshield washer fluid is one of the simplest and most inexpensive investments you can make towards winterizing your car. Most windshield washer fluid is compatible with all vehicles, but you may want to indulge in upgraded windshield wiper fluid. Don't become a liability on the road because of an inability to see.

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