Here at BMW of Birmingham, we have a professional service department staff that is always happy to take care of all your car maintenance needs. We encourage you to learn more about how your vehicle works and how to recognize problems when they arise.

Your vehicle's transmission is an important part that uses special gears to allow your engine to power your wheels. Keeping your transmission in good repair with fresh fluid is essential for good vehicle performance.

A transmission problem is pretty easy to spot. If you are experiencing jolting or grinding with gear changes, smelling a burning smell in your car, leaking transmission fluid, or having difficulty getting your vehicle to accelerate despite pushing down on the gas pedal, then you likely need to get your transmission checked.

We can take a look at your transmission and figure out how best to fix the problem. We can perform routine maintenance services such as flushing out your transmission and changing its fluids, or we can replace your transmission if necessary. Just give us a call today!

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