If you are hesitant about checking your car, then one of the reasons that should motivate you is the cost of replacement parts. Even more importantly, checking the cooling system is sort of a step that should never be missed.

Overheating a car engine is never a small problem, because it could result in replacement of cylinder heads and head gasket repairs. Both of these parts, plus labor, easily runs into thousands of dollars. In fact, most dealerships would advise that once you see the gauge going past the halfway mark, then you would rather take in your car for inspection and possible repairs. If you choose to wait, the repairs might end up becoming more costly.

We have an excellent BMW parts shop in Irondale, AL as well as service pros that can handle your needs. You can count on us for all your engine and radiator repairs, including engine blocks, radiator flushes and even engine sludge. Pay us a visit, and we’ll sort you out.

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