If the fuel pump in your vehicle is about to fail, you can spot the trouble easily if you know what to look for. Let the BMW parts experts here at BMW of Birmingham help you notice the signs of a failing fuel pump.

  1. When traveling at higher speeds, if the fuel pump is about to fail, you'll feel the engine sputtering like you are just about to run out of fuel.
  2. If you are trying to tow something or haul something very heavy, signs of fuel pump trouble will reveal itself when the vehicle loses power and can not haul the load at a steady speed.
  3. One obvious sign that the vehicle has trouble with a failing fuel pump is when out of nowhere, the vehicle starts to surge forward even though you did not depress the accelerator any further down.

If you suspect the fuel pump may be failing in your vehicle, get to our auto repair facility in Irondale, Alabama so we can diagnose the issue and make the repair.

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