It’s the start of another beautiful, cheerful holiday season here in Irondale, Alabama. As you head out to visit the homes of family, friends, or friends who feel like family, you’re encouraged to bring along your favorite holiday-inspired dishes. The BMW of Birmingham team is eager to provide several tips you may not have considered for holiday food transportation.

If you have a cardboard box or plastic tote that will fit your food dishes, you can use this as added protection for your upholstery in case something spills. You don't want to be mopping up a big mess in your vehicle when you could be celebrating the holidays. Use high-quality containers with lids that will keep everything contained as you travel. The easiest dishes to transport are those that are cold because you have a lot more options on how to carry these foods. Opt to make salads, pastries and cookies if you have a choice on what to bring. Cold dishes can be wrapped with old newspaper to soak up some of that expected condensation.

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