Expert Brake Service at BMW of Birmingham

When you're looking for expert care and service for your vehicle's brakes, you won't find better care than the service center at BMW of Birmingham. The factory-trained technicians use state of the art diagnostic and repair tools and genuine BMW parts to ensure that your car or SAV continues to run at peak performance.


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Why Do I Need Brake Service?

Your BMW is designed to offer a stellar luxury performance and sets high standards for all necessary systems that comprise your vehicle. With your brakes, you need an immediate response in most situations, as the performance of your brakes is directly correlated to the safe operation of your vehicle. Over time, they will start to wear down which will limit the effectiveness and operation of your brakes. With brake pads that are older and worn down, you'll find that you need to apply more pressure to them and they often will take longer to slow you down when you press them. Our experts recommend that you get your brakes serviced every 50,000 miles, but this can vary based on the conditions, like warm Irondale weather and busy traffic, you drive in, and the type of driver that you are.

What's Included in Brake Service?

The brake service should be done by the experts at BMW of Birmingham because it involves a few steps with a variety of parts. We check to make sure that your brake pads aren't worn too thin, we'll check to make sure the brake fluid isn't leaking, and we'll ensure that the rotors are entirely resurfaced, as well as looking for other worn components. If you notice that the brakes are squealing or causing vibrations when you hit the brake pedal, this is an indication that you need service.

You deserve the best service and maintenance around the Irondale, AL area. Here at BMW of Birmingham, our expert team provides the service that is second to none! Give us a call today, and get your BMW vehicle back to peak luxury driving experience.

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