As you search for your next luxury sedan, don’t compromise. Bring home the luxury cruiser that defines what it means to the at the top. With a 2022 BMW 7 Series, your travels around Birmingham and Irondale will be both exquisite and expressive, but it’s how this sedan makes your life easier that is truly impressive. Visit BMW of Birmingham to see our new BMW models in action today!

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

As you travel, you’ll encounter a variety of needs and wants to help keep your journey on track and stay comfortable behind the wheel. Say goodbye to the days of having to manually program your navigation, climate control, and drive mode settings. Instead, use your voice to activate the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The keyphrase “Hey BMW…” can be followed up with a variety of needs and commands. And you don’t have to learn rigid commands to get what you want, this intuitive system understands natural speech patterns and will learn you to become even more intelligent over time.

Live Traffic and Weather Updates

Whether you’re on your daily commute or a road trip across the country, knowing what’s coming next can help keep your travels on track. With live traffic and weather updates in the 2022 BMW 7 Series, you’re always aware of upcoming traffic jams and severe weather that may impact your journey. If a faster route is available, automatic rerouting can help you find it. And when it comes to weather, you’ll have time to decide whether you should pull over and wait it out or if you can use the xDrive all-wheel drive system to push through.

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