The BMW i3 is a revolutionary vehicle that boasts an impressive range of 125 miles per charge. It's not just the eco-friendly features that make the BMW i3 so desirable, it also has some very cool tech! The interactive display screen can be used to control many aspects of the car and includes apps like Google Earth.

The most impressive bells and whistles of the car though are how it can be driven with a single pedal. To reverse, simply press down on the accelerator until the car goes backward about 6 feet. Then, lift your foot off the accelerator to stop. This one-pedal driving style takes some getting used to but many current i3 drivers are glad they learned it because it saves them a lot of money on brake pads.

The drawback about the vehicle is that it looks like something out of "Star Wars". The design is very polarizing, with many calling it ugly or weird-looking. To others though, especially BMW fans who haven't seen anything this innovative in years, the i3 is a marvel to behold.


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