The 2021 BMW 2 Series is an exciting, nimble, and fun-to-drive coupe or convertible that most will choose for its blend of impressive performance, general affordability, and impressive luxury. But what you might not consider at first is how hard the 2021 BMW 2 Series works to keep you safe. Along with the rest of the new BMW lineup, the new 2 Series offers a suite of advanced driver assistance features that don’t just protect you in the event of an accident – they try to keep you out of one in the first place.

Looking Ahead

Scanning the road ahead are both cameras and radars that can detect when you are rapidly approaching an obstacle such as a vehicle or pedestrian crossing the road. You’ll first be met by an audible warning as well as a red flash on your instrument cluster that warns you a potential collision is imminent. This is your chance to take the evasive action necessary to avoid the collision, whether that be swerving or coming to a stop. Should you fail to react and the crash still appears likely, your BMW 2 Series can automatically apply the brakes to reduce your speed before the impact. At low speeds it can even help avoid the collision entirely.

In highway situations, these forward facing sensors take on a different task. By activating the adaptive cruise control system you tell the system that you would like to maintain say, 70 mph, or a 40-foot following distance should you approach traffic that is going slower than your set speed. The system will then read the traffic ahead to prioritize your chosen speed or following distance, slowing you down when needed and bringing you back up to speed when traffic clears. Not only does this establish safe following distances as a natural habit, but allows you to look further down the road to better anticipate when you’ll need to change lanes or slow down for trouble ahead.

We’ve Got Your Back

Of course, the forward collision alert system isn’t all you’ll find – features like blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and a surround view monitor are all available to help make you more aware of the world around you to navigate both heavy traffic and tight spaces such as parking garages.

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