While uncertainty continues to swirl around the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that many of our customers are yearning to feel some level of normalcy and begin moving forward. If that means going ahead with the purchase of a new BMW model or picking up a used vehicle from our dealership, you can now shop online and have your vehicle delivered to your door.

Find Your Perfect Vehicle

Our wide and diverse selection of both new and used vehicles means that it will be easy for you to find the right car or SUV for your Birmingham lifestyle. Whether that means a new BMW X5 SUV, a pre-owned luxury car, or a new BMW 3 Series sedan, we’ve got plenty of options available across the spectrum. Using the sort and filter tools in our virtual showroom will make it even easier to work out exactly which models fit your needs and budget, making it a breeze to find the right fit.

Find the Right Financing

You can choose to purchase or lease a new BMW model from our dealership and arranging your deal couldn’t be easier. Select the term length, estimate your interest rate, select a mileage limit for lease options, and even add or change your down payment amount until you find a monthly payment that works best for you. Finally, you can value your trade-in at the same time, so you can reduce your down payment or monthly payment accordingly.

Apply Online

Once you’ve submitted your deal request, use our online finance application so we can match your credit profile with the terms that you are best qualified for. This may involve some back and forth, however we will always reach out to see what changes might be necessary to finalize your deal.

Visit Our Dealership Online!

Start your online car buying experience with our dealership by exploring our online showroom today!

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