When potential vehicle owners are in the market for luxury, they turn to BMW. However, along with exquisite style and reliability, the BMW 3 Series sedans also offer agility, power and spirit. The latest models do not disappoint. See them in our new BMW inventory and indulge in a test drive.

The sporty sedans are compact in size. They do not sacrifice power and performance. For example, the M340i models come equipped with engines that deliver up to 382 horsepower. Although wider in the body, the overall aerodynamic design combines with the upgraded suspension keeps road noise down while ensuring that the vehicles travel down the road effortlessly.

The 3 Series exudes luxury inside and out. The exterior boasts gentle curves with contrasting sculpted lines. The kidney-shaped grille and honeycomb-shaped lower vents are striking in appearance. The interior features leather upholstery, steering wheel and accents.



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