It is incredible the amount of safety gear you find in the BMW 2 Series today. The fact that the 2 Series tests high in crash tests, when compared to competitors, is excellent, but the avoidance of those crashes is even more critical. When the 21st Century came, headlights were still static causing accidents when obstructions lay just beyond a hilltop or around a corner.

With self-leveling headlights, the incidence of accidents caused by hidden objects in the road has diminished steadily. The lights are moved up and down by an actuator that takes its directions from sensors that send notice of several factors that cause headlights to stray from the road.

At BMW of Birmingham, our certified technicians inspect the headlight self-leveling system at every service from each sensor through the actuator and on to the bulb itself. The safety factor of self-leveling headlights should never be diminished through negligence.



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