Car owners can answer many questions about their tires by reading the information printed on the sidewalls. They include the size of the diameter, the width of the tread, and the proper type of vehicle.

  • The letter P indicates passenger-rated tires.
  • The letter R indicates the tire type, here a radial tire.
  • The tire width number measured in millimeters.
  • The tire diameter is a number typically between 14 and 19.

Drivers should be sure to note the speed rating for their tires. For example a speed rating of Z is unlimited; a speed rating of W limits speeds to 168 mph. Other typical speed ratings are S(112 mph) and T(118 mph).

At BMW of Birmingham, we offer a wide range of types and sizes. We can help find the right tire for your vehicle, preferences and budget. Please call or drop by our location today.



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