When it comes to caring for your tires, you have to take care of your tread. Your routine care plan includes tire rotations to ensure they all wear evenly and monitoring your tire's tread regularly to make sure it is in good shape. The BMW of Birmingham service team is willing and eager to help!

Having good tire tread is essential to your safety when driving. Tires with poor tread depth or bald tires are in danger of hydroplaning in wet weather or having a blowout. Most people don't realize how complicated tire tread is. It's made up of multiple things: including tire shape, the tread grooves, tread blocks, wear bar and tread voids. Tire tread can also include other aspects like rain grooves.

Tire tread is incredibly essential. If your tires are worn out, you are in danger of a major inconvenience and possibly a wreck. Call our Irondale BMW dealership today and allow us to measure your tread depth and rotate your tires to help ensure you’re always driving safely.

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