Your car needs fluids just as much people do, and keeping clean and appropriate levels in your car times extends the life of your vehicle. Next time you’re in the area, see us for a test drive! Here at BMW of Birmingham, we care about your safety.

  • Used for lubrication, oil levels can be checked with a dipstick.
  • Checking radiator fluid in a lightly-driven car or during cold weather prevents damaging overheating.
  • Another fluid used for lubrication, Transmission Fluid can be checked under the hood with a different dipstick than the oil.
  • The power steering system of a car needs lubrication. This is stored in a reservoir; normally located on the passenger side of the engine and is marked steering.
  • The reservoir of brake fluid is normally located in the back of the car and is used to add braking pressure.

As a responsible car owner, keeping yourself informed about the different fluids used in vehicles can save you a trip to the mechanic.

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