BMW Performance Driving School Delivery Program (Ordered Vehicles Only)

Performance Center Delivery
We offer a one-of-a-kind delivery program to our BMW customers - at no additional cost. Once you arrive to Spartanburg, you will gain firsthand experience of the BMW culture and what goes on behind the scenes of the Ultimate Driving Machine. 

Schedule Your Delivery
Once you order your new BMW and voiced that you want it delivered, your BMW Client Advisor will have your delivery scheduled right away.

VIP Treatment
Expect nothing less than VIP treatment upon arrival. You and your companion will be situated at a first-class hotel, with a complimentary overnight stay the evening before your deliver, as well as dinner for two.

Meet your BMW

You will receive an in-depth introduction to your new BMW by one of our experts. You will get to know your BMW from the inside out, along with every feature such as the BMW iDrive system to operating radio functions.  

Practice Makes Perfect
As part of you delivery package, you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a vehicle similar to one you just purchased. With the guidance of our professional driving instructors, you'll come to learn how the Ultimate Driving Machine got it's name.

Once leaving the BMW Performance Center, you will head home in your new BMW feeling confident in both its operation and dynamic performance.

Need more information? Call 
To Speak With One Of Our Client Advisors.  We specialize in Performance Center Deliveries. We can answer all of your questions and, if it sounds like this is the Ultimate way to purchase a new Bimmer, we can arrange this for you!

Also see Our European Delivery Program, another great way to take possession of your new BMW!

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